Minerva-Melpomeni Malliori

Minerva-Melpomeni Malliori


Dr Minerva-Melpomeni Malliori is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry in the First Department of Psychiatry, Medical School, University of Athens- Eginition Hospital.

She completed her dental and medical studies at the University of Athens in 1975 and 1978 respectively. She specialized in Psychiatry and received the specialty of psychiatry in 1984 (Tavistock Clinic-London and Department of Psychiatry, University of Athens). In 1985, she received a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation to undertake postgraduate study at the University of Nottingham, Medical School, Department of Psychiatry specialized in: “Community Psychiatry”.

In 1986-1987 she served as a Consultant in World Health Organization, Division Mental Health Policy and Planning, Drug Abuse, Geneva, Switzerland. In 1989, she obtained her PhD at the Medical School, University of Athens. She was a member in the European Parliament (1999-2004).

Her research activity is mainly concentrated on Social Psychiatry, Psychiatric Epidemiology, Addiction from substances and Gambling and on the incidence of Infectious Diseases on drug users.

On an international level, she has collaborated with various universities and organizations, including WHO, EMCDDA, Pompidou Group while she has taken part in multicentre studies and international programmes.

She was a member of the Management Boards of the following: the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), based in Lisbon, the Organization against Drugs (ΟΚΑΝΑ), the Hellenic Centre for the control of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (KEELPNO), the Research Centre for Gender Equality (KETHI), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) (2004-up to date), the Central Health Council of the Greek Ministry of Health and Welfare (KE.S.Y.).

She has participated as a speaker in more than 236 Greek and International scientific congresses and she has more than 2.000 hours of teaching experience on an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

She has more than 69 international publications in books, congress proceedings and peer-review journals;

In Greece, she has more than 50 publications in scientific journals, books and congress proceedings; while she has also been the editor and co-editor of 18 medical books, specialized booklets and practical guides. Moreover, more than 94 of her abstracts from Congresses (49 Greek and 45 international) have been published.