Sophia Achab


Dre Sophia Achab is MD psychiatrist and psychotherapist at University Hospitals of Geneva (Switzerland) since 2009, where she has the position of Medical deputy to the Addiction division Head in Department of mental health and psychiatry.
She is in charge of the specialized care and academic program in behavioral addictions (NANT) at University Hospitals of Geneva.
She graduated in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy in Paris (France) in 2007.
She combines clinical activity with research and training in the field of behavioral addictions.
She has a clinical activity with outpatients suffering from «behavioral addictions» (Internet use disorders, pathological gambling, sexual addiction and compulsive buying) from 2007 to 2009 in France (University Hospitals of Besançon) and since then in Switzerland.
She obtained a PhD in Neurosciences of Human Behavior in France (Doctoral school of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté) in 2013.
She conducted research projects on Internet use disorders and Gambling disorder with teams from Switzerland, France and Belgium. She shares academic projects with Spanish, French, Belgian, Italian, English and Polish specialists in Internet use disorders.
She is in charge of a range of courses at Geneva University, mainly on Psychiatry and Primary Care with a specific focus on addictive and related disorders including behavioral addictions.
She is also coordinator for addictive disorders at WHO Collaborating Center for training and research in Mental Health at Geneva University. She is active in Mental Public Health issues of Internet use disorders and gambling disorders as part of several work groups at a Swiss and Global level.